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What kind of star is Gamma?

What kind of star is Gamma?

Gamma Cassiopeiae (γ Cas) is a spectroscopic binary star located in the constellation Cassiopeia. Informally known as Navi, it is one of the four brightest stars in Cassiopeia….Gamma Cassiopeiae.

Spectral class B0.5IVe
Temperature 25,000 K
Age 8.0 ± 0.4 million years
Rotational velocity 432 km/s
Surface gravity 3.50 cgs

What type of star is Beta Draconis?

supergiant star
The spectrum of the primary, Beta Draconis A, matches a stellar classification of G2Ib-IIa, showing mixed features of a bright giant and a supergiant star, and is listed as a standard star for that spectral class.

What type of star is Etamin?

Gamma Draconis/Spectral type

What is the luminosity of Gamma Draconis?

471 L☉
Gamma Draconis/Luminosity

What type of star is Gamma Piscium?

giant star
Gamma Piscium (Gamma Psc, γ Piscium, γ Psc) is a star approximately 138 light years away from Earth, in the zodiac constellation of Pisces. It is a yellow star with a spectral type of G8 III, meaning it has a surface temperature of 4,833 K and is a giant star.

What color is gamma aquarii?

Gamma Aquarii (Sadachbia) is a blue-white giant located 163 light years from Earth and takes its name from the Arabic phrase sa’d al-akhbiya (“lucky stars of the tents”).

What major stars are in Draco?

Major stars in Draco

  • Eltanin – γ Draconis (Gamma Draconis)
  • Aldibain – η Draconis (Eta Draconis)
  • Rastaban – β Draconis (Beta Draconis)
  • Altais – δ Draconis (Delta Draconis)
  • Aldhibah – ζ Draconis (Zeta Draconis)
  • Edasich – ι Draconis (Iota Draconis)
  • Batentaban Borealis – χ Draconis (Chi Draconis)

What is Draco brightest star?

Draco, (Latin: “Dragon”) constellation in the northern sky at about 18 hours right ascension and 70° north in declination. Its brightest star is Eltanin (from the Arabic for “dragon’s head”), with a magnitude of 2.2.

What is the most prominent stars of Draco?

The brighter of the three, and the brightest star in Draco, is Gamma Draconis, traditionally called Etamin or Eltanin. It is an orange giant star of magnitude 2.2, 148 light-years from Earth. The aberration of starlight was discovered in 1728 when James Bradley observed Gamma Draconis.

What type of stars are in Draco?

It is a giant star of the spectral type B6 III, with an apparent magnitude of 3.17. It is 330 light years distant. The star’s name, Aldhibah, means “the hyenas” in Arabic. It is also sometimes called Nodus III, or the Third Knot, referring to a loop in Draco’s tail.

Where is eltanin in Draco?

Eltanin is located in the constellation Draco and marks the right eye of the celestial dragon.

What is the surface temperature of Gamma Draconis?

3,930 K
Gamma Draconis/Surface temperature